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The Autoclean Affinity Program

The Autoclean Affinity Program offers organizations a solution for Employees, Students, and Members to purchase plans and services from Autoclean at discounted prices. The Autoclean Affinity Program is free to join.

As an Affinity Partner your employees, students, and members can enjoy having their vehicle cleaned by our highly trained technicians at the comfort of their workplace or home within one of our service areas.

To sign up complete the form below or contact us at and one of our Affinity Specialists will be more than happy to explain our program and answer any questions.

Points to Remember About the Autoclean Affinity Program

 There is no cost to your organization for joining our Affinity Program
 We offer a full service interior and exterior cleaning and sanitizing
 Your employees, members, or students get significant discounts on all services
 We come to you
 We are Green
 We use Very Little Water
 We use No Hazardous Chemicals
 We keep your team healthy – Our Sani-Steam Technology Kills Germs and Bacteria

Become an Affinity Partner

Complete the form below and our Affinity Specialists will provide you with a unique Affinity Partner Link that can shared with employees, students, and members.

It's quick, simple, and easy...let's get started!

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